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"Pacific Green has the highest level of professionalism that I've encountered in the Bay Area. They are always on time and on budget and the work is impeccable...The team did an immaculate job, were quick, efficient to work with and also courteous. I am an artist myself and very picky. The job they did was flawless...they also help you make smart decisions instead of just doing costly repairs. I have referred them to many friends and will continue to work with Alejandro and his team for many years to come." S.T.

"We have used Pacific Green Construction for projects on our condo and we couldn't be happier. We completely trust Alejandro and his crew to the point where they have had the keys to our place for the past few years. We are happy to have found a contractor where we don't have to feel like we have to be home when the work is being performed. In addition, these guys always made sure that the work area is cleaned up at the end of the day; something that is important when you live at the house during the project. We have never had any issues with their work and have been recommending their services to friends and co-workers. Also, what contrator could be better than a contractor who shows up on time. Every time." J.S.

"After I bought my house I experienced one of those nightmare stories you hear about. Every wall we opened revealed more and more problems. We had dry rot, faulty electrical wiring and plumbing, and on and on! It took a ton of work to fix everything and thank God we had Pacific Green Construction to help us out. They literary took the downstairs apartment apart and put it back together. When they were done it looked like a completely different house. It's absoulutely beautiful now and we are totally satisfied with the work they did. They helped me make difficult decisions and had great recommendations for improvments that really made a difference. For example, we had a small outdoor space with no access and Alejandro suggested we take out a window and put in French doors. What a difference that made! He also suggested we smooth out the ugly textured walls. I'm so glad we did-once it was done and painted, it was fantastic. I would never use anyone but Pacific Green Construction." R.O.

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